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About  Ro

What can I say? I create art all the time. Enjoying sharing some of the results of those explorations here. I hope our paths cross and that our creative endeavors are a great success. Creating is a great joy no matter the medium. It's an opportunity to share my completely unique view of this world through works of art. Life is good. 

What's Next?

Presently I am working on a new body of Illustrations with the intention of getting that aspect of my work out to the world. Since I was a kid I have loved Sci- Fi, Fantasy, and Visionary art.  I recently was published with Far Horizons Magazine. Thanks to their staff and volunteers! 

I continue to explore portraiture and street life photography when the opportunity arises. Im looking forward to more travel adventures with my camera.

Light Painting

Recently I was exposed to the light painting world. I've been experimenting with that type of Photography while steadily exploring other Photography work too. 

Festivals -

Unifier Festival 3 years in a row - 2017 - 2019 - Staff Photographer at Unifier Festival was amazing! Lots of gratitude and thanks to all the artists and volunteers that make that festival soar.

Green River Festival - July 2018

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