Arclyte Labs

Arclyte Labs is Experimental Light Painting Photography. Experimenting with various light painting explorations using an open shutter and various light sources. As a published Illustrator, Photographer, and Artist, finding the medium of light brought another vehicle for abstract expression through the view of the lens. Most of these shots are with the Pixelstick. 

The result is lighting up the planet with continuous light projects of every kind.. 

Arclyte Projects

Travel, festival, events, and art projects, are all part of the fun with Arclyte Labs. Lets us light up your event with unique specialized light painted images for your own promotional needs..We are always working on something new too - ask us what we can add to your media presence..


Arclyte Labs

Located in Northampton, Ma. Rowan shoots with light as often as time allows..Here's some of the results..